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 Mission of the Project

After years of extensive study, we have developed a Comprehensive Plan to transform the NYC Metropolitan Area by reducing and eliminating 45+ separate traffic jams by up to 80%, that stretch for miles and occur daily on the NYC Metro Area's Highways, Bridges and Tunnels.

Our Innovative Plan will allow New York to reach its monumental 2019 Climate Goals of reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) from 1990 levels by 40% by 2030 and 85% by 2050, while ensuring the climate equability needs for disadvantaged New Yorkers, as Transportation accounts for nearly 30% of NYC Emissions and Greenhouse Gases. 

Our projects will cut GHG and CO2 Emissions by as much as 50-100% in the surrounding communities, including many disadvantaged communities, within the next few years, equitably, allowing for immediate impact while society transitions to non-polluting vehicles. 

Our Comprehensive Plan will lead to a significant decrease in Cost of Goods Sold, Inflation and Gas use, as truck drivers will use much less gas, leading to price decreases in basics like food, whose price increase are particularly affecting disadvantaged communities, including low income and minority communities.

Further, our Comprehensive Plan will transform every major facet of life for all Residents of the New York Metro area including our...

Environment & Climate

Public Health

Equity & Social Justice

Economic Growth

Loss of Time

Infrastructure & Jobs

Commuter Costs 

Public Transportation

Most of our projects would be able to be implemented within a year to two, with each project leading to significant improvements in each of these areas for people's daily lives. 

Our Comprehensive Plan will greatly help in the Governor's and Mayor's effort to bring hesitant employers and employees back to the City, who, over the last few years have become accustomed to not traveling to the City and are resistant to returning to their long commutes.  

We look to partner with Transportation Stakeholders in the NYC Metro Area to bring this vision to NYC Metro Area, with our shovel ready projects qualifying for funding from the new $1.2 Trillion Federal Infrastructure Bill 

Additionally, we have studied and developed plans to significantly improve the traffic flow in additional Cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco, which will fundamentally change the everyday lives in those Cities. We look forward to the opportunity to improve the daily lives of millions of New Yorkers and of millions of people in many other cities throughout the United States.  

Traffic Congestion; Old Problem, Same Results




New York is Ranked # 1 Most Congested City in the US and #5 in the World by 2021 INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard

But Now A Plan for Different Results

Within months the NY Metro Area will start to have the Congestion Relief they were promised a Century ago 

As lifelong New Yorkers, we have developed a comprehensive plan to fix the severe daily traffic jams throughout the NYC metropolitan area. 

Over the decades, NYC traffic is one of the most congested in the United States and the World, with trips taking 1-2+ extra hours daily, 5-10 additional hours during per week, not including weekend delays.   We’ve identified over 45+ congested sections of Highway, Bridges or Tunnels going In and Out of NYC, Long Island and Westchester, that each cause driver's miles long delays, with trips taking hours longer weekly.  

Our solutions will greatly reduce the time delayed at every one of these congested sections of highway, with many traffic jams totally eliminated, saving the average commuter hundreds of hours a yearAlmost every NYC Highway will be revitalized while increasing highway capacity considerably to the current roadway. Highways speeds will increase to meet the demand more efficiently while improving local roads as well. 

We anticipate project timelines to be 

Our solutions will fundamentally transform the lives of the 

20 Million people who live in the the NYC Metropolitan area in key ways

Environment & Climate 

Our solutions will reduce CLIMATE CHANGE as NYC's area's transportation contributes as much as 36% towards CO2 carbon emissions and GHG greenhouse gasses.   

 This will greatly improve the quality of air we breathe, considerably reduce gas use, help meet New York Area's & the United States climate goals, as well as decrease noise pollution.

Public Health

Our solutions will improve NYC's public health with fewer premature deaths and illness, including the health of children and in low-income communities, while reducing skyrocketing health costs.  

For instance, NYC ranks the 9th highest rate of new childhood asthma cases due to traffic pollution in the world. 

Equity & Social Justice

Our solutions will transform the lives of every New Yorker and those living in the Tri-State Area. In particular our comprehensive plan will uplift minority and historically disadvantaged populations that have had a disproportionately high and adverse effects in all areas due to congestion throughout the last century, and continue to be harmed daily. 

Economic Growth

Our solutions will bring back billions of dollars yearly of the estimated $11 Billion in economic revenue, lost tax revenue and lost productivity estimated lost yearly in the NYC Metropolitan Area due to severe congestion.  

Loss of Time

Our solutions will reduce the hundreds of hours New Yorkers sit in traffic per year. New York Commuters lose on average 6 days per year (140 hours~ more than 3 1/2 full 40-hour work weeks) in addition to amount it takes without traffic. 

Most drivers lose 10-20 days per year sitting in traffic (250 to 500 hour per year, the equivalent of 6 to 12 1/2 full 40-hour work weeks) in addition to amount of time the trip takes without traffic. 

Infrastructure & Jobs

Our solutions will fix New York's congested highways and local infrastructure which continue to be congested over the last century and create projects that will lead to billions of dollars of shovel ready union jobs. 

These jobs will increase traffic flow, making the road system more efficient in handling current and future highway demand while decreasing motor vehicle accidents

Commuter Costs 

Our solutions will help decrease the time loss of $2,000 (based on 140 hour delay, $14.80 per hour) all commuters that use roadways lose on average in NYC.

The true number is much larger for many commuters.  Many Commuters loses are $1,000's of dollars more due to lost productivity,  particularly impacting low wage workers. 

Public Transportation

Our solutions will improve unreliable traffic patterns that cause bus delays and increase traffic flow allowing busses to make quicker trips as well as more trips per day, leading to decreased cost to the MTA and potential savings for riders.

Local street travel speeds would increase as drivers will be less inclined to look for alternatives to highways.

Highway Traffic Solutions specializes in solving traffic congestion on 




Local Roads

About us

These transformational plans stem from our lifelong passion to solve traffic jams on highways to local streets and our unique talent to clearly see the solutions that will transform people's daily lives and improve our world and society. A number of our designs were used to help reduce congestion on New York City Highways, Bridges and local streets.

What Makes Us Unique


New York City's Metro Area's extreme traffic conditions remain the same for the much of the last 75-100 years. Our project will bring many answers to one of the biggest issues the New York Metro Area has consistently faced over the past few generations, helping usher in a cleaner New York Metro Area and unlock an even more prosperous New York Metro Area.  

Project Highlights

Almost Every New York City Highway, Bridge and Tunnel will have drastic improvements including...

Hiring Us Will Be a Good Investment for

 ALL The New York Metro Residents & The American People

Benefit will far outweigh the costs 

The EPA has found that projects that reduce air pollution from Transportation have lead to 9 times the amount of Benefit to the American People .

The EPA has further found that Clean Air projects have benefits that exceeded costs by 30-90 times costs in Economic Benefit for American Households.  

Our projects to reduce and eliminate traffic jams will do even better


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so we all can start moving in a cleaner world that works for all.